Frieder Nake, 7.4.65 Nr. 1+6, plotter drawing, ink on paper, 1965

AESTHETICA @ DAM Gallery Berlin

Casey Reas, RGB - I 013-010-120-255-352, 2015, plotter drawings, 30 x 30cm

AESTHETICA @ DAM Gallery Berlin

Antoine Schmittt, Carré Blanc, 2015, plotter drawing, 29,7 x 21 cm

AESTHETICA @ DAM Gallery Berlin

AESTHETICA @ DAM Gallery Berlin

Manfred Mohr, plotter drawings


50 Years of Computer Generated Art

Preview: Friday, 29th of May 2015, 7 - 9 PM

Artist Talk: 30. May 2015, 3 PM

With Frieder Nake, Christa Sommerer and Mark Wilson, in english language.

Exhibition: 30 May - 1 August 2015



Horst Bartnig, D⎜Peter Beyls, B⎜Vuk Cosic, SLO⎜Hans Dehlinger, D⎜Manuel Felguerez, MEX⎜Patrick Lichty, US⎜Tony Longson, GB⎜Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, MEX-CDN⎜Manfred Mohr, D ⎜Vera Molnar, F⎜Frieder Nake, D⎜Georg Nees, D⎜Casey Reas, US⎜Brian Reffin Smith, GB⎜Antoine Schmitt, F⎜Sommerer & Mignonneau, A-F⎜Kerry Strand, US⎜Roman Verostko, US⎜Roger Vilder, F-CDN⎜Mark Wilson, US


AESTHETICA refers to the philosopher Max Bense´s publication of the same name from 1965. Simultaneously, he initiated the first exhibition of Georg Nees´s algorithmically generated plotter drawings at TH Stuttgart´s campus gallery. That same year, other exhibitions of Frieder Nake in Stuttgart and Michael A. Noll in New York followed. Fifty years later, the computer as a tool has decisively inspired and expanded 21st century art. Net art, software art and interactive installations are just a few examples of the varying creative directions.