Peter Beyls - Artist Talk


at DAM Gallery or Online at #6pmeu

Artist Talk: Peter Beyls, BE

Wednesday, July 22nd 2015, 7 PM


In the course of the Event:

July 22, 2015, from 6PM your local time
Main Hub: The Castle of Brescia, Italy
Online on the web platform
Hashtag: #6pmeu

6PM YOUR LOCAL TIME (6PM YLT) is a networked, distributed, one night contemporary art event taking place simultaneously in different locations, coordinated from one central venue and documented online via web application.

As Part of the event  DAM Gallery invites you to an artist talk with Peter Beyls at the Gallery or online under the Hashtag #6mpeu.

The current exhibition at DAM Gallery is presenting plotterdrawings from the last 50 years. One of the artists on display is Peter Beyls. Beyls is a Belgian artist and composer working with computer media since the Seventies. He explores computer programming as a medium for artistic expression and develops generative systems in music, the visual arts and hybrid formats.



50 Years of Computer Generated Art

AESTHETICA refers to the philosopher Max Bense´s publication of the same name from 1965. Simultaneously, he initiated the first exhibition of Georg Nees´s algorithmically generated plotter drawings at TH Stuttgart´s campus gallery. That same year, other exhibitions of Frieder Nake in Stuttgart and Michael A. Noll in New York followed. Fifty years later, the computer as a tool has decisively inspired and expanded 21st century art. Net art, software art and interactive installations are just a few examples of the varying creative directions.


Horst Bartnig, D ⎜Peter Beyls, B ⎜Vuk Cosic, SLO ⎜Hans Dehlinger, D ⎜Manuel Felguerez, MEX ⎜Patrick Lichty, US | Tony Longson, GB ⎜Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, MEX-CDN ⎜Manfred Mohr, D ⎜Vera Molnar, F ⎜Frieder Nake, D ⎜Georg Nees, D ⎜Casey Reas, US ⎜Brian Reffin Smith, GB ⎜Antoine Schmitt, F ⎜Sommerer & Mignonneau, A-F ⎜Kerry Strand, US ⎜Roman Verostko, US ⎜Roger Vilder, F-CDN ⎜Mark Wilson, US