Eelco Brand, Videostill FT.movi, 2017, HD. edition 6

Eelco Brand, Videostill MV.movi, 2017, HD. edition 6

Eelco Brand, Videostill RH.movi, 2017, HD. edition 6

Eelco Brand, Videostill VB.movi, 2016, HD. edition 6

Eelco Brand, Videostill GR.movi, 2016, HD. edition 6

Eelco Brand, Videostill VWV.movi, 2015, HD. edition 6

Eelco Brand - Electropia

Preview: April 7 2017, 7 - 9 pm

Exhibition: April 8 - June 9 2017

Eelco Brands art pieces put emphasis on his critical position towards man, who has subdued the nature.

Brand takes up the historic reciprocal relationship between the artist and nature and implements the popular genre of representing and imitating nature in the arts and the artist's need for nature creation in his own works. Considering his latently surreal definition of an ideal of nature´s picture, Brand creates absurd and diverting three dimensional worlds that surprise and confuse the recipient.

Bright, white stars fall like shooting stars onto a forest, illuminate the tree trunks with the light of a fireworks, over berries which appear deceptively like water droplets, which fall from branches into a stream as clear as a mirror, up to the white flowered foxglove, which grows in a perfectly green environment and calls to the viewer with a trumpet-like sound. Brand's reproduced reality of nature is deceptive, pointed and perfect. It is a construction, playing with the viewer’s perception and expectations.

With ELECTROPIA the artist raises the question of what this digitally idealized nature tells us about our society and its relationship to nature. It seems that only in the perfect virtual space does nature exist—as a utopia.

Eelco Brand lives and works in Breda, Holland.