Aram Bartholl, Choose Skill Level, 2014, Pen plotter drawing, lacquer pen on transparent film, 130 x 92 cm

Aram Bartholl, Come get some, 2014, Serie #1 / #2 / #3 / #4, Acryl silkscreen on canvas, 230 x 180 cm

Aram Bartholl, TFLOP # 1 / # 2, 2014, Archival ink print on aluminium, 218 x 90 cm

Aram Bartholl, 123456 - 10k Yahoo Passwords, 2014, Serie #1 / #2 / #3 / #4, Pen plotter drawing, pencil on paper, 126 x 100 cm

Aram Bartholl, Datalove, 2014, Installation, Hardware Crusher 0101, Screens, Wooden table, Harddrives, 2 x 4 m

Aram Bartholl, Unknown Gamers, 2014, Installation, Mobile Phones and 4 Videos: 1:04 / 1:06 / 1:08 / 1:01 min, HD 720 x 1280 px

Aram Bartholl, What are you waiting for?, 2014, Acryl silkscreen on pine veneer, 180 x 600 x 80 cm

Aram Bartholl - Hurt me plenty

Preview: 12 September 2014, 7 - 9 PM

Exhibition: 13 September - 1 November 2014

The artist will be present.

7:30: Introduction by Olia Lialina, Professorin New Media at the Merz Akademie Stuttgart.

Performance during the Preview:

BYOD – Bring Your Own Drive, and crush it.

Disused hard drives of PCs, laptops and servers imply a high security risk. DATALOVE prevents that discarded hard drives with sensible data fall into wrong hands. During the Preview of the exhibition the visitors are invited to bring their old data storage media and get them destroyed with a hardware crusher as part of Bartholl´s performance DATALOVE.


Exhibition: 13 September - 1 November 2014

In his solo show Aram Bartholl exhibits a new series of works inspired by the questions and developments engaging humankind’s ‘entry’ into the digital realm and the role of the first person as ‘shooter’. Bartholl deconstructs stereotypes about pixel imaging with unique large-scale works that are subtly combined with a series of pieces about issues of privacy, surveillance and net neutrality. With this exhibition, Bartholl proposes a new discourse that challenges the current debates about surveillance versus the seemingly antiquated ideas and images of ‘cyberspace’.


Workshop: 24 September 2014, 7 PM


With Aram Bartholl at DAM GALLERY Berlin

Together with the artist Aram Bartholl, each participant will have the chance to sew his own cell phone case to keep away any kind of radiation and location services. While sewing, it becomes clear that being shielded from the virtual world totally prohibits one’s participation in real life, which is no longer possible without the Internet. We have to live with the disadvantages and consequences, right?

Participation is free of charge. Registration via email to is required.


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