T+T (T. Thiel), Grenzsoldat Luckauer Straße, digital print, 140x 70 cm, 2009

T+T (S. Wunsch/T. Reuter), Todesstreifen Engelbecken, digital print, 140 x 70 cm, 2009

T+T (T. Thiel), Grenzsoldaten Dresdener Straße, digital print, 140 x 70 cm, 2009

T+T (S. Wunsch/T. Reuter), Tunnelflucht Sebastianstraße, digital print, 140 x 70 cm, 2009

Berlin - ReVisioning the Virtual Wall

T+T | Tamiko Thiel – Teresa Reuter – Sabe Wunsch, GER

31 October - 28 November 2009

Exhibition: 31 October - 28 November 2009

Preview: 30 October, 7 - 9 pm

Gallery [DAM]Berlin shows on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin Fall for the first time internationally the large format collages of the artist team which are based on the interactive 3D installation "Virtuelle Mauer/ReConstructing the Wall". The digital collages show scenographies of the Berlin Wall that are conceived by the artists as associative pieces of memories - by mixing temporal and geographical elements as well as "real" and "virtual" material. The exhibition takes place in completement to the presentation of the 3D installation at the Ephraim-Palais, Berlin.

The artists use the computer as a medium to mix different time levels (before, during and after the Wall) and perspectives in one image in order to create the effect of "taking a look back" like a sequence of a dream. The transparency of parts from the Wall or of border soldiers refer to the later disintegration of the GDR. The complex structures of the collages are the
result of multiple manipulations of the original renderings from the virtual world. These renderings, taken from diverse viewpoints, have been multiplied, intermingled, layered and occasionally supplemented with photographs and archival documents, and then further altered by insertions, shiftings, and fragmentations of the images. 

In complement to the exhibition you can experiment the interactive installation Virtuelle Mauer/ReConstructing the Wall at the Ephraim-Palais, Nicolaiviertel in Berlin, in the context of the exhibition FALLMAUERFALL | 61-89-09 from 6. November 2009 - 7. February 2010 (Link to the exhibition)

Virtuelle Mauer/ReConstructing the Wall is a virtual reality installation that enables users to experience a section of the now vanished Berlin Wall and how its presence affected the surrounding neighborhoods in East and West Berlin. Time travel, animations & simulations involve users in events spanning the 1960s to the present time.

Stations in 2009 of the project are:
Seattle: 911 Media Arts Center, Boston: Goethe-Institut, Lübeck: Willy-Brandt-Haus, Wolfsburg: Kunstverein, Gijon: LABoral, Berlin: Ephraim-Palais, Washington DC: American University Museum, Los Angeles: Goethe-Institut, New Delhi: Goethe-Institut.
The installation was first exhibited at the Museum for Communication, Berlin, in 2008 and was shown worldwide in museums and institutions since then.
As part of the Boston Cyberarts Festival the artwork was awarded the Grand Prize for the IBM Innovation Awards.
Website of the project: www.virtuelle-mauer-berlin.de


Artist team:

Tamiko Thiel: b. 1957 in Oakland, CA, USA, lives in Munich
B.S. Stanford University, M.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. Diploma Academy of Fine Arts, Munich
Fellowships / awards include: Japan Foundation, MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies. Nominations: Rockerfeller Fellowship, World Technology Award, German Video Art Prize of ZKM
Numerous exhibits in the USA, Europe and Asia. Teaching positions included: Carnegie-Mellon University, Bauhaus-University/Weimar, UC/San Diego, MIT

Teresa Reuter: b. 1963 in Munich, lives in Berlin
1994 Diploma in Architecture, TU Berlin
Exhibits (Selection): metroClips NGbK (2001), IBA Lausitz (2005)

Sabe Wunsch: b. 1964 in Stuttgart, lives in Berlin.
1994 Diplom in Architecture, TU Berlin
Exhibits (Selection): Sandhandlung Installation, Temporäre Gärten, Berlin (2001)
'Sex-Zwangsarbeit in NS-Konzentrationslagern', exhibition, memorial Ravensbrück and Seoul, Corea (2007)