"Computer-Grafik 1984"

exhibition: january 19, 2017 - March 13, 2018


A Review of Herbert W. Franke's Survey of Digital Art in the 1980s - A Reflection on Its Pioneers and Trailblazers mentioned in one of the first publications on this art form with a claim to completeness


Manuel Barbadillo (Spain)

Horst Bartnig (Germany)

Peter Beyls (Belgium)

Frank Böttcher (Germany / Australia)

Kenneth C. Knowlton (USA)

Harold Cohen (England / USA)

Tony Longson (England / USA)

Manfred Mohr (Germany / USA)

Vera Molnar (France)

Sylvia Rohbaud (Germany)

Roger Vilder (Canada)

Edvard Zajec (Italy / USA)

and others